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If you are confused about whether to change the garage door panel or repair it, then this is normal, because one of the wise buying decisions is to know when to fix the thing and when it is best to change it. This certainly applies to your garage door, so in this post, we will explain from our experience as a garage door repair company what are the signs to repair your garage door and when should you replace the garage door completely in order to meet your daily needs.

  1. Broken Garage Door Panel

    If your garage door panel has significant damage, such as wide cracks or deep holes caused by an accident or storm, it may need to replace your garage door. A damaged panel can compromise the security of your garage and may even cause your garage door to malfunction or collapse. You can repair a garage door panel instead of replacing it if the level of the damage is minor and out of light impact and probably should be fixed by some filler and painting. Consult our team at AAA Garage Doors, if you think that there might be more serious issues at play.

    Type Of Damages: Changing the garage door panel may be light to severe depending on the type of damage that has occurred. For example, if it was caused by a hurricane, then the entire garage door panels may be damaged, unlike a minor accident that caused one panel of the garage door to break.

    Replaceable Or Repairable: Both, Garage door panels are replaceable and repairable that depend on the type of damages.

    Cost: Sometimes repairing a garage door panel could cost more than replacing it because A single garage door panel replacement can range from $200-$700 depending on the model but repairing will add more money on labor, hand work, new replacement parts, painting, and filler depending on the severity of the damage which could cost from $100-$200 Additional fees, But assuming the garage door panel is able to be repaired it could cost only $100-$200.

    Entire garage door replacement consideration: Possible, If the situation is worse than you expected and the damage is severe, then you should think about the possibility of replacing the garage door entirely because one of the basics of the pieces in the garage door is the panels, so replacing your garage door depends entirely on it.

  2. Old Garage Door

    Over time, garage door panels can wear out due to exposure to environmental forces and regular use. If your garage door is old, it may be time to replace the whole garage door. Typically, the average lifespan of the garage door can last up to 20 years, depending on the quality and maintenance.

    Type Of Damages: Old garage doors can have multiple damages out of unsolved problems like rusting, lack of insulation and even missing security and safety features.

    Replaceable Or Repairable: Replacement Is Recommended, If you own an old garage door that doesn’t appeal enough to you and your house or lacks the convenient features that you need so it’s time to think about other newer options here are some new garage door options we recommend from World top garage door manufactures Raynor & Clopay.

    Cost: As a Florida-based Garage doors company, The cost of a new garage door in Miami, Fl can vary depending on several factors, such as the type of door, material, size, and installation fees. However, based on national averages, you can expect to pay anywhere from $900 to $7,500 for a new garage door in Miami, Florida.

    Additional costs may include installation fees, which can vary depending on the complexity of the installation and whether any modifications or repairs are needed. It’s recommended to get a few quotes from reputable garage door companies in Miami to compare prices and find the best deal. Schedule a job on your best free time to get an in site free estimation and even to help you out in choosing the best garage door that fits your need. AAA Garage door is your local Clopay & Raynor Authorized Dealer.

  3. Warping

    Metal garage doors can experience warping much less than wooden garage doors but If your metal garage door panels is warped, it may not open or close properly. Warping can also cause gaps to form between the panel and the frame, allowing air and moisture to enter your garage leading to lower garage door insulation efficiency.

    Type Of Damages: The bend caused by rotting is the most difficult type to repair and needs to be repaired in a professional manner by a garage door repair company in order to avoid further damage from removing the rot and restoring the garage door panel to its normal position. Warping could happen for many other reasons, Your garage door panel material is rusted and leads to metal corrosion. Your garage door panel had extreme temperature fluctuations that cause it to bow. Your garage door opener is too high leads the bar arm to push the door down too much of an angle.

    Replaceable Or Repairable: Repair Is Recommended, Usually your would notice the warping by only looking at your garage door so repairing the bend of the garage door is not something that requires you to replace your garage door panel if treated early before it be hard to undo and increases the repair cost, garage door warping requires professional repair services to provide you with a solution not only of the warp but also the main cause of this bend.

    Cost: garage door repair warping costs range from $250 to $1000. Call us for consultation with AAA Garage door serving Miami-Dade & Broward counties

    Entire garage door replacement consideration: Possible, As we mentioned earlier, solving the problem early will not make you replace the garage door, but assuming that the garage door panel has eroded or most of its parts have greatly rotted, the solution will be to replace the entire garage door.

  4. Fading or Discoloration

    If your garage door panel has become faded or discolored, it may be time to paint your garage door. Fading or discoloration can be a sign that your garage door panel has been exposed to sunlight or other elements for too long.

    Type Of Damages: garage door painting is one of the best ways to make your curb appeal like new. painting your garage door is easy and doesn’t require any special skills. we had a piece of good information about how to paint your garage door.

    Replaceable Or Repairable: Repair Is Recommended, Painting your garage is important to have good protection from rust and to cover up chipped and oxidized doors

    Cost: garage door painting usually costs range from $120 to $500. Call us for Free Estimates, AAA Garage door serving Miami-Dade & Broward counties

  5. Completely Rusted

    if you live in places with high humidity environmental factors may lead to corrosion of the metal parts inside and outside the garage door, and that rust when it accumulates more and more leads to the corrosion of large parts of the panels, thus exposing the entire door to corrosion. The best solution for this is to take care of your garage door through annual maintenance, as we have already mentioned in many topics maintenance is one of the most important factors that extend the lifespan of your garage door. If you already have rust problems with your garage door here are some easy steps on how to clean rust off your garage door.

    Type Of Damages: Rust, in the beginning, is not considered as a big problem because rust needs large periods of time until corrosion begins, which leads to a complete change of the garage door construction, so the type of damage caused by rust will depend mainly on the amount of corrosion that occurred.

    Replaceable Or Repairable: Repair Is Required

    Cost: Fixing a steel garage door typically costs around $350-$750. Call us for consultation with AAA Garage door serving Miami-Dade & Broward counties

  6. Scratches

    Minor scratches on your garage door can also be repaired without the need for a replacement. our garage door repair professionals can buff out the scratches and touch up the paint to make your garage door panel look as good as new. Here a complete guide on most common garage door problems and repairs you can handle and where you need a profiestional garage door company or you can do it by yourself.

    Replaceable Or Repairable: Repair Is Required

    Cost: Fixing a steel garage door typically costs around $350-$750. Call us for consultation AAA Garage door serving Miami-Dade & Broward counties

  7. Broken Windows

    Garage door windows increase the amount of natural light in your garage but it is the most part of your garage door vulnerable to breakage or damage. Our garage door professionals can replace the window and make sure that it matches the rest of the panel.

    Type Of Damages: Changing broken windows with light damage is easy to be replaced with new windows.

    Replaceable Or Repairable: Repair Is Recommended, If your garage door panel has a broken window, it can often be replaced without the need for a complete panel replacement.

    Cost: The average cost of garage door window glass replacement lies in the range of $100 to $250. Call us for consultation with AAA Garage door serving Miami-Dade & Broward counties

  8. Broken or Loose Parts

    The garage door System has 10 main components (Door Opener, Springs, Tube Shaft, Tracks & Rollers, Drums, Cables, Brackets and hinges, Weather Seals, Safety Sensors, Emergency Cord, and more than 30 other parts). All of these components and parts work together to keep your garage door working. Therefore, any of these parts, if broken or dismantled, makes the system not perform the same and problems begin to appear. But what is not disturbing is that all these parts can be replaced naturally and periodically before causing a major malfunction.

    Replaceable Or Repairable: Repair Is Required

    Cost: Replacement parts cost around $5-$200 and Labor Costs around $80 – $400. Call us for consultation with AAA Garage door serving Miami-Dade & Broward counties

  9. Poor Garage door Insulation

    garage doors should provide good insulation to keep your garage warmer in winter and cooler in summer so insufficient insulation could result from many years of use, one of the best insulation benefits is energy-saving.

    Type Of Damages: People often feel that adding insulation R-value to the garage door is warranted and necessary so not good insulation is something you should consider in mind as a problem damaging your wallet & convenience.

    Replaceable Or Repairable: Repairable & Replaceable, But Replacement Is Recommended, Some insulation methods may not be long-lasting as the door continues to operate. You may find insulation flaking or pulling apart. one of the most effective methods of insulation is Spray foam insulation but if insulation is your most concern we recommend Clopay Insulated garage door replacement providing the highest R-Value door in the market.

    Cost: Standard insulated one-car garage doors cost from $500 – $2,500 and two-car garage doors cost from $750 – $4,000. Call us for consultation with AAA Garage Door, serving Miami-Dade & Broward counties

    Entire garage door replacement consideration: Possible, If you are intent on an energy-efficient garage door looking into an insulated garage door is probably a good idea. check out the best insulated garage doors.

Can I Repair or replace my garage door by myself?

If you’re experiencing issues with your garage door, you may be wondering if you can repair it yourself. Here are some signs that suggest your garage door problems can be fixed with a DIY repair:

  1. The issue is minor: If your garage door is making a small noise or is slightly off track, it may be a minor issue that you can fix yourself.
  2. You have the necessary tools: To repair your garage door, you may need a few basic tools, such as a screwdriver, wrench, and pliers. If you have these tools and know how to use them, you may be able to fix the problem yourself.
  3. You have some experience with repairs: If you’ve fixed things around your home before or have some experience with repairs, you may be able to repair your garage door.
  4. You’ve done your research: Before attempting a DIY repair, it’s important to research the issue and determine if it’s something you can handle. Look for tutorials or videos online that can guide you through the repair process.
  5. The repair won’t compromise safety: It’s important to prioritize safety when repairing your garage door. If the repair involves removing or adjusting a part that’s critical for safety, it’s best to call a professional for help.

Remember, AAA Garage Door does not encourage you to start repairing your garage door panel or your garage door by yourself because the garage door system mechanism is complex and needs to be treated with caution. if you’re not sure if you can repair your garage door yourself, it’s best to stay on the side of caution and call a professional for assistance We have had experts in our field serving Maimi-Dade & Broward Counties since 2009. Attempting a repair that you’re not qualified to do could cause further damage or put you at risk of injury.


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