6 Tips For Choosing a New Garage Door

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6 Tips Before Choosing A New Garage Door

Choosing a new garage door is indeed a crucial decision with far-reaching implications for your home. Here’s an in-depth exploration of how this choice affects both the aesthetics and functionality of your residence:

1- Seek Professional Guidance

Alright, believe us out of 3000+ new garage doors we installed 95% of our clients were having trouble in choosing a new garage door they needed. because of the variety of garage door models, styles, and options which is honestly confusing for average homeowners. so we encourage you to ask for the help of your local garage door company because, at the end of the day, that is what they are here for. In addition, most of the professional garage door companies nowadays give free estimates and some companies like us can visit their physical location to see a showroom of all the garage doors that could be available which is cool to get help and also for free. if you are confused about which company to choose you can read this article to help you ask some core questions for the garage door company to know if they are qualified enough to earn your trust.

2- Opt for the Right Opener

As experts, we always say that you need to leave the problematic parts like springs, openers, and garage door cables to us and why is that it’s because could be dangerous if you are not familiar with how these parts work together to make your garage door system work but our philosophy this time is changing which means the knowledge of these parts is important to determine the dangers. so choosing a garage door opener that suits your needs is important too. we are of course not talking ONLY about the cool convenience & technology features but also about mechanical features.

Professional Note: Liftmaster is the leading garage door openers manufacturer and boasts a 50% market share. So choosing a Liftmaster garage door opener is a wise choice.

Opener Mechanical Features

  • Horsepower
    A garage door professional is responsible for taking the correct measurements and letting you know the right opener horsepower. because the suitable opener depends mainly on the size of the width, height, and weight of your garage door.
  • Belt drive chain drive or wall mount
    Belt drive: Quiet Operations, smooth movement and durability
    Chain drive: Reliability, and cost-effective solution
    Wall Mount (Jackshaaft): Space-saving and quiet operation
  • AC or DC opener
    DC Openers are mostly used for residential garage doors and AC Motors commonly suits commercial doors and gates. Know the difference between AC vs DC Opener.
  • Maintence requiements
  • Whether affordability durability, luxury convenience, or something between both is your need in the new opener.

Read this article we talked in depth about buying a new garage door opener.

3- Evaluate Different Garage Door Materials

Garage doors come in various materials, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Common options include steel, wood, aluminum, and fiberglass.

Consider factors like

  • Durability: The durability of your garage door is a critical aspect to rely on. a key factor in determining their durability consider the number of layers it possesses. Garage doors can feature up to 5 layers. Understanding this layered construction is essential for ensuring the longevity and robustness of your garage door.

garage door 5 layers

  • Material that suits your area of living: The choice of garage door material significantly influences its longevity. In Florida, where hurricanes, storms, and hot, humid weather are commonplace, which is not advisable to choose wooden garage door and better to have better options like Steel or Campsite wood doors. Therefore, thoughtful consideration of the environmental conditions is paramount when choosing the material for your garage door. Dive deeper into South Florida’s best garage doors based on our understanding of south florida homeowner needs, and skillfully addressed by the Garage Door Technion’s at AAA Garage Door.


  • Maintenance requirements: Every garage door material comes with its specific maintenance needs and requirements. For example, fiberglass garage doors, while an affordable option, pose a challenge when it comes to repairing cracks or breaks. Instead, the entire garage door panel needs replacement, leading to higher maintenance demands. To gain a clear understanding of what to expect from each garage door material in terms of maintenance and repairs, it’s advisable to reach out to your local trusted garage door contractor. They can provide valuable insights tailored to the unique characteristics of each material, ensuring that you make informed decisions for the upkeep of your garage door.

4- Prioritize Insulation

Insulation can be the most important factor to consider in your new garage door. Why?? simply because insulation depends on a lot of needs that most homeowners including you could be searching for like If your garage is attached to your home, used as a craft/hobby workshop, office, home gym, home cinema, or even a games room. All these ideas require a high R-value for better insulation in your garage door. except if you want your neighbors to hear all the noises you will have in your garage door or vice versa. Interested in knowing which best insulated garage doors ?

Professional Note: does insulation is only a soundproof solution?
No garage door insulation is also required to make your garage door hurricane-ready for places like Miami, FL. You can Check out all of our Hurricane Impact Garage Doors and learn more about the requirements for hurricane garage doors in Florida.
Are you living in Miami, FL and are interested in upgrading your garage door to a hurricane-impact garage door? Give us a call at 305-702-0113 for an Installation Fees Discount & FREE Estimate and we will be glad to help you and let you know more about the insulation options.

5- Select the perfect color and finish

Garage doors should last for many years. So, if you choose the perfect one from the very beginning, your facade will always be the focal point in your neighborhood and will not let you down even after so many years. That’s because you choose the right finish to match your home’s esthetics from the start. Garage doors these days have a wide range of finishes to suit any homeowner’s vision.
Professional Note: You have to consider durability in choosing your garage door finish. Think about your forecast which is more humid, snowy, or rainy weather. Your local garage door services company’s responsibility is to advise you with the proper garage door finish that suits your home aesthetics and area of living.

Clopay Garage Doors Finishes

Clopay has Color Blast® color blastprogram for solid colors that allows you to complement your home or building’s current color scheme by choosing from an array of Sherwin-Williams® color options. The two-part polyurethane-based paint used in the Color Blast paint system is specially formulated for excellent adhesion and stability on steel, aluminum, vinyl, and plastics. This provides a high-quality, durable, and professional finish for your door.
Another option is Faux Wood-Like finishes

Faux wood garage doors are designed to mimic the appearance of real wood but are constructed using alternative materials such as fiberglass, aluminum, or steel. These doors are then adorned with overlays made from wood composite or faux wood to replicate the look, and in some cases, the texture, of authentic wood. The best examples of Clopay faux wood garage doors are CoachMan Collection, Modern Collection, and Classic Collection.

Clopay Modern Steel Lustra Finish
Clopay Modern Steel Ultra Grain Plank
Clopay Modern Steel Ultra Grain Finish

Check out all of our garage door collections to learn more about the different color options each garage door offers.

6- Garage Door Complement Your Architectural Harmony

A carefully selected garage door can complement your home’s architectural style. Whether your house is traditional, modern, colonial, or contemporary, there’s a garage door design that can harmonize with the existing aesthetic, enhancing the overall visual harmony.

Our Customers New Garage Door Installation

4 min 6 Tips For Choosing a New Garage Door  AAA Garage Door New Garage Door Installation

Maintenance Is Important.

if you’re thinking about a new garage door, you might be distracted by the chooses colors and configuration from the fact that maintenance is an important aspect of preventing emergency repairs that could happen because you don’t take sufficient care of the potential problems.

so, there’s 3 points about your garage door maintenance requirements you have to keep in mind.

  1. Wooden garage doors and chain openers require more frequent maintenance than steel doors and belt openers.
  2. Check your forecast to see whether it’ll be hot and humid all year round or wintry and snowy. Both situations require more maintenance.
  3. Your local garage door company should give you good insight into how often the garage door should be serviced and the reasons why, so you can determine if that garage door actually meets your needs. All of our customers that we service in Miami and Broward counties, we clearly state that this garage door may not be suitable for the following reasons and list all possible reasons based on our technician’s in-home inspection.

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