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If you’re in need of a reliable garage door service in the Florida City area, look no further than AAAGDS the experienced professionals at Florida City Garage Door Service. We can help with everything from installations and repairs to routine maintenance and more, and we’re always available to provide a free estimate. So whether you’re in need of a new garage door or simply want to ensure that your existing door is in good working order, we’re here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to schedule a free consultation.

For expertise that works for your absolute convenience, just give AAA Garage Door a call. Our team provides comprehensive garage door solutions all over Miami-Dade County, FL.

From new residential installations to replacements and repairs, we apply the most innovative technologies and unparalleled skills to ensure your garage doors are properly handled. When your garage door springs require replacing or you need a low-cost answer for jammed garage openers, AAA Garage Door will serve with excellence and deliver outstanding results you can certainly rely on.

We carry A huge variety of approved Hurricane doors

Our Services

Emergency Repair

AAA Garage Doors offers  Emergency Repair Services throughout South Florida. We provide commercial & residential garage door services.

Garage Door Repair

AAA Garage Doors is a trade mark Who repairs all types of Garage Doors, solves any of your door problem , replaces springs, fixes garage door openers or alligns your Garage Door and gets it back on track!

Garage Doors Installation

AAA  Garage Door™  installs all types of residential and commercial garage doors and garage door openers devices including Gate operators  from the leading garage door manufacturers!

License Contractor

AAA Garage Doors™ Is your local license contractor for all your garage door and industrial doors to protect your familes and loved ones since garage door is very heavy item in your home that stay in motion 


Garage Door Springs

Springs are the most common garage door repairs that we work on. The product that we use to replace your broken springs with are 100% American made. These springs are Galvanized Torsion Springs and are highly remarked among there industry. As  we work with every type on the market and are sure that we can help your situation.


Garage Doors Openers

Please feel very confident that AAA Garage Doors™  will be able to properly assess and repair any garage door opener issue that can be repaired.  Our expert garage door repair technicians have vast experience and are leaders in their field.  We offer great value, rapid response, warrantied work and top notch customer service.  Our service trucks are fully stocked and most repairs are completed on the first call.




Our company specializes in garage door services that address a variety of needs and requirements. As a trusted local garage doors repair company, we employ highly experienced technicians and mechanics that are fully capable of fixing any garage door issues.

Typical garage door opener problems vary in their cause

  • Stripped out gears
  • Defective circuit boards
  • Electrical issues
  • Broken chain links
  • Worn, loose, jammed or frozen parts
  • Bent or misaligned rails
  • Lack of proper lubrication or adjustment

Typical garage door problems vary in their cause:

  • Broken torsion springs
  • Broken cables
  • Door off track
  • Defective rollers
  • Damaged panels
  • Cable jump drums
  • Bent track – Damaged track

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How much new garage door cost ?

There is no definitive answer to this question as the cost of a new garage door will depend on several factors, including the size and style of the door, the materials used, the level of craftsmanship required, and the geographical location. However, as a general guide, a basic garage door can cost anywhere from $500 to $2000, while a more premium door can cost upwards of $5000. But in this article, we will cover all these factors in detail to give you an image of the estimated cost.

How much new garage door cost
which garage door best for commercial needs

Which Garage Door Best For Commercial Needs?

Planning to invest resources in garage doors in residential homes? If yes, wait and read on to conclude why the sizes of these gates are essential to be specific. Having the sort that will assist you operate your company effectively is crucial. Suppliers now give a size graph with various models.
So let’s know Which Garage Door Best For Commercial Needs?

swing gate


Strong. Quiet. Versatile. Choose from the best in smart home and security features to simplify your life, stay connected to home and protect what matters most,Installed and Backed Up By AAA Garage Door Inc.

Your Garage Door Need Emergency Repair?

We Provide Emergency Garage Door Repair Services In Florida City

We repair all major brands and models, including LiftMaster, GTO,  etc. and carry parts in stock to get your electronic gate working again quickly! We’re the best choice for residential gate repair services in Florida City

Contact us today to inspect your gate Problem, and we will make a no-charge service call and give you a free estimate for your residential gate repair work. We will inspect all parts and present you with an honest, fair, and written proposal for the repair needed and any replacement parts.

And remember, we only install superior quality replacement products that help extend the life and beauty of your gate and opener.Because Miami Beach Is constantly have tourist we want to secure your home as much as you do ,only rely on your local garage and gate company near you.

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Garage Door Go up Few Inches and stop or drop down ? This could possibly mean your Garage door Springs are Broken. Garage door Rollers are bent or worn out /broken ( that might lead to bigger problems ).Garage doors Cable Fray or looking rusty Please call right away for Garage door Repair ,Garage door opener not function isn’t an emergency but AAA Garage Door are here to help right away

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