LiftMaster 8550W Opener

DC Battery Backup Belt Drive Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener

  • Ultra smooth and quiet operation.
  • Full suite of smart home features.
  • Works during a power outage.

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8550W Opener Installed by AAA Garage Door Inc.

Need Help In Installation

If you’re having trouble installing your LiftMaster garage door opener and accessories products, don’t worry – help is available. AAA Garage Door Is your local garage door service & Authorized LiftMaster Dealer. Our team of experts can provide you with installation services For your products, ensuring that are installed correctly. We’re just a phone call away, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you need product compatibility assistance or installation service.

loan icon 3 dark 8550w LiftMaster | wifi garage door belt drive opener

Trusted & Authorized Dealer

LiftMaster authorized dealer in Miami-Dade & broward
We are proud to be an authorized dealer of the world’s top manufacturer LiftMaster In Miami-Dade & Broward Counties. and we are committed to offering our customers the best possible prices and top and safe service. We are confident that you will find the perfect Garage Door Opener, Gate Operator, or Accessories suited for your needs, and we look forward to serving you.

Home Connectivity

Easily Connect

Easily connect to a home network with built-in Wi-Fi®.


Open, close and receive alerts about garage doors on a smartphone.

Recurring Schedule

Set a recurring schedule to close a garage door or turn lights on/off.

Syncs With

Syncs with popular smart devices and platforms*.

*Linking your myQ account to Google Assistant and/or IFTTT requires subscription fee of $1 a month or $10 for an annual subscription. See full list of partners at

Home Bridge

Easily add smartphone control with the myQ® Internet Gateway or the myQ® Home Bridge.

Garage door

Safety and Security

Secure Code

Confidently know that every click sends a secure code to the garage door opener.

Safety Sensors

Protect people and vehicles with safety sensors that stop the door from closing on obstructions.

Automatically Protect

Automatically protect against forced openings of the garage door.

Virtually Impenetrable

Make the garage virtually impenetrable by adding the Automatic Garage Door Lock.

LM Feature Connectivity


Virtually Silent

Keep living spaces virtually silent with the extra-strong belt drive system.

Battery Backup

Get in and out when the power’s out with Battery Backup. Meets California SB-969.

DC Motor

Enjoy extra peace and quiet with the long-lasting DC motor.

Smooth Start

Extend hardware life and reduce maintenance with smooth start/stop operation.



Drive Type : Belt
Battery Backup: Yes
Lights Turn On When Entering Garage: Yes
Security / Lock: Yes
Smartphone Control: Yes
Soft Start / Stop: Yes
Timer To Close: Yes

  • Accessory Warranty: 1 Year Battery and Remote Control
  • Belt Warranty: Lifetime
  • Motor Warranty: Lifetime
  • Parts Warranty: 5 Years


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485LM Garage Door Opener Battery


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