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Garage doors are a necessity for most homeowners. They provide security, privacy and protection from the elements. However, garage doors can be a major headache if they won’t open or close properly.

This article will explore some of the most common reasons why your garage door Won’t open or close and how you can fix that.

1- Photo-Eye Issues

The first thing you should do is check if there is anything blocking the photo-eye sensor on your garage door, Photo-eye Sensor is one of the most common problem you could have with your garage door so making sure your Photo-Eye sensor is clean from dust or any other miscellaneous object. you have to be notice to not use any hard tools to remove these object if found because that could lead to failure the The photo-eye components from detecting the laser beam from reaching both sides.

2- The Operator lacks electricity

When a garage door won’t open or close, it’s usually because the garage door operator lacks electricity.
In the funniest of circumstances, a disconnected power line will be the only cause of the issue.
As you entered the house through your internal entrance from the garage, you might have inadvertently unplugged the operator. Sometimes people commit such acts and then regret doing so. Frequently, a more significant problem, like a blown fuse or circuit breaker, will keep an operator from getting power. The only person who should address issues with the circuit breaker is a professional.

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In conclusion, if your garage operator isn’t working properly, it’s probably unplugged or a fuse may have blown.

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3- Snapped Cables

cables are one of the most dangerous problem could you face with your garage door, cables are responsible for bring the door up and down. dealing with Snapped Cables REQUIRED an professional to deal with it. However these some reasons that could lead Cables to snap (overloaded, under tension, not tension properly, old and brittle).


4- Misadjusted Sensitivity

The sensitivity of the operator might also need to be adjusted if it’s too sensitive or not sensitive enough for your garage door opener system, If it is too high, it will close on its own or if it is too low, it won’t open when you want it to. But you can adjust the sensitivity for each opening direction and doesn’t always require a professional to fix it for you.


5- Remote Signal Is Blocked

One of the most common problems and the easiest is Remote signal, Garage door remote control is a unit that keeps your garage door accessible remotely which means it could be a reason from the reasons that makes you Garage Door doesn’t function probably so if you check your remote control you maybe found garage door opener is not receiving the signal from the remote because is not pointed directly at the garage door opener or the remote is not in range of the garage door opener or even the remote batteries are weak or dead. but that doesn’t prevent that the remote control itself could a malfunction occurred to him, which led to it not working at all.

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